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What We Do

The Tech Allies Network is a group of industry professionals focused on providing cross industry knowledge and development surrounding technology, to professionals. We also work on inspiring the next generation into technology through our work with schools and universities.

Summer Institute

Summer Institute

Gain an insight into how technology is used across multiple industries and put into practice tools and techniques used to drive innovation.

Audience: 1st year university students

Cross Industry Academy

Cross Industry Academy

Learn how technology is applied across industries and expand your cross industry knowledge.

Audience: professionals

Cross Industry Hackathon


Listen to thought leaders and gain new insights through our techieCPD podcast series.

Audience: students and professionals

School Outreach

School Outreach

We work with schools to inspire the next generation into technology through:
1. Career talks
2. Workshops

University Masterclasses

University Masterclasses

We work with universities to run a mixture of masterclasses to prepare them with the skills needed for industry.

Alumni Networks

Finding True North

Sharing the pivotal lessons and moments that can help you navigate your career